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The Sacred Hour: The Healing Power of Shared Energy in Therapy:

Updated: Apr 28

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A while back, my dear friend and fellow therapist shared that she calls her therapy sessions "the Sacred Hour". I gasped and said YES! I loved this so much...So much that I have adopted its usage in my own practice. And I wanted to write about it so you could understand why I think it is such an important aspect of what is happening in the therapy room.

In the heart o f our practice as holistic and somatic psychotherapists lies a profound reverence for what I like to call "the Sacred Hour" - the therapeutic session. This is not just an appointment; it's a sacred space where energies converge, emotions flow, and healing begins. Here, we unravel the notion that therapy is purely a clinical interaction and embrace it as a journey where the shared energy between therapist and client becomes a vital part of the medicine for healing.

When you step into a therapy session with us, you're entering a space that transcends the ordinary. It's as if time slows down, allowing for a deep dive into the realms of your inner world. This hour is dedicated to you - to explore, understand, and heal. We honor this time as sacred because it's an opportunity for transformation, a moment when you are not alone in your journey.

Picture this: each session is a unique convergence of two worlds, the therapist and the client, each bringing their own stories, emotions, and energies.

This is not just a meeting of minds, but a fusion of spirits.

The energy that flows in this space is tangible, almost palpable. It's an intricate dance where empathy meets pain, understanding meets vulnerability, and in that meeting, healing begins. This shared energy is as much a part of the healing process as the words spoken or the techniques employed.

In our practice, we approach this sacred hour with reverence and mindfulness, understanding that it is a rare opportunity for transformation and growth. As a holistic therapist, I see the individual as a complex tapestry of experiences and emotions, and the body as a repository of wisdom and truth. Our somatic approach involves listening to the body, understanding its whispers and cries, and interpreting its silent language. The body often holds onto emotional pain and trauma, and through our guidance, clients learn to tune into these somatic cues, uncovering and releasing deeply held feelings.

But beyond the techniques and the methodologies lies the essence of the sacred hour – the creation of a safe, non-judgmental space.

Here, you are not just a client, but a fellow human being on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

This space is where masks can be shed, authentic selves can be revealed, and true healing can begin. It's a refuge from the outside world, a haven of understanding and acceptance.

What makes this hour truly sacred, though, is the collaboration that takes place within it. Therapy, in my view, is not something that is done to someone, but rather something that is created together. It is a co-creative process where therapist and client are partners, each contributing to the journey. This approach empowers the client, making the therapeutic journey not just more effective but also deeply personal and meaningful.

The ripples of this sacred hour extend far beyond the confines of the therapy room. The insights gained, the emotional shifts that occur, the energy that is shared – all of these seep into the fabric of the client’s life, affecting change, inspiring growth, and facilitating healing long after the session has ended.

In essence, the Sacred Hour is a testament to the power of human connection, a reminder of the healing potential of shared energies, and a celebration of the human spirit's capacity for transformation. In our practice, we are privileged to share this sacred space with our clients, honoring their stories, their journeys, and their innate capacity for healing and growth.

As a practitioner of this beautiful and profound art, I extend an invitation to all who seek healing, understanding, and growth. In the sacred hour of therapy, you will find not just a therapist, but a companion, a guide, and a witness to your journey towards a more whole, more authentic, and more fulfilled self.

If the sacred hour resonates with you, our team would love to share this energy field with you. Walking alongside you on what quite possibly could be the most important journey of your life.

If you're interested in learning more, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

Love and light to you,

Dr. Courtnay

Dr. Courtnay Meletta is an integrative psychotherapist licensed in the states of California and Rhode Island. She has enriched the mental health field for over a decade with her innovative approach combining holistic counseling, mind-body medicine, and somatic psychotherapy. She operates a successful practice in Los Angeles, mentors aspiring therapists, and engages in various therapeutic modalities including EMDR, Core Energetics, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Dr. Meletta is also an active contributor to the academic and corporate sectors, emphasizing leadership and personal growth through holistic practices. To read Dr. Courtnay Meletta’s bio, click here.

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