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Courtnay Meletta - Psychotherapist in Los Angeles

Welcome! I am Dr. Courtnay Meletta, not just another holistic psychotherapist, but a fellow traveler on this wildly human journey. I believe that true healing is a dance with our authentic selves, a dance that happens when we remember who we truly are beneath all the layers life has draped over us.

My approach? It’s a little unconventional – a vibrant blend of modern science and ancient wisdom that helps you reconnect with your deepest truths. I specialize in healing trauma and nurturing sensitive souls, transforming emotional wounds into wellsprings of strength and safety in both body and heart.

My commitment? To walk with you, step by step, on your unique path. I’m here to hold space for you – an authentic, warm, and compassionate space where all are welcome and embraced. My own journey through the labyrinth of emotional healing and seeking inner peace has taught me to approach each moment with humility, courage, and a sense of wonder that I bring into each session.

In my practice, it’s all about celebrating your uniqueness. I’m here to ensure that everyone I work with feels seen in their entirety, heard in their silence, and valued in their being. As your therapist, I aim to be a guide by your side as you journey toward wholeness. I believe in you – in your power, in your journey, in your perfect timing. You are exactly where you need to be, and together, we can embrace what’s next.

So, my friend, are you ready? Let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s ride the waves of healing, explore the depths of our being, and emerge stronger and more connected to ourselves. Here’s to being fully human, unapologetically – to living, loving, and healing in our beautiful, messy, and magnificent way.


Courtnay Meletta, PhD, LPCC, LMHC, is an integrative psychotherapist that has been shaping the field of mental health for over a decade. Her academic journey began at Salve Regina University, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Holistic Counseling in 2012, delving deeply into Holistic Leadership. She furthered her expertise with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Mental Health in 2013, enabling her to attain clinical licensure in Rhode Island.

Dr. Meletta's academic pursuits continued at Saybrook University's School of Mind-Body Medicine, culminating in a Ph.D. in Integrative Mental Health. Her doctoral research, completed in 2020, focused on the transformative effects of yoga for leader self-development. Since 2020, Dr. Meletta has been enriching the minds of future therapists as an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook University, teaching Mind-Body Medicine and leading small group sessions based on the Center for Mind-Body Medicine's research. In 2023, she has also shared her expertise in Somatic Psychotherapy as adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

In parallel to her academic contributions, Dr. Courtnay Meletta has demonstrated proficiency and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of mental health care. Since 2012, she has successfully established and grown three private practices, a testament to her expertise not only in therapeutic methodologies but also in the business dynamics of private practice. Her journey in developing these practices, from inception to thriving entities, showcases her adeptness in creating environments that are both clinically effective and operationally efficient.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Dr. Meletta operates her third and latest practice, a culmination of her extensive experience and innovative approach. Having attained clinical licensure in California in 2020, she has established this practice as a beacon of integrative psychotherapy in Los Angeles.

Dr. Meletta's accomplishments extend beyond her role as a practitioner. As a clinical supervisor and owner of a group practice leading other therapists, she provides invaluable guidance and mentorship to therapists in training. Drawing from her rich tapestry of experiences in building successful practices, she leads emerging clinicians with a unique blend of clinical acumen and business savvy. Her mentorship focuses on nurturing therapeutic excellence while also imparting practical insights into the nuances of establishing and managing a successful private practice.

Her supervision is characterized by a deep commitment to fostering the next generation of therapists, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of their future clients. Dr. Meletta's dual role as a successful private practice owner and a clinical supervisor to aspiring therapists reflects her multifaceted expertise. She stands as a nurturing mentor, guiding therapists towards achieving their own excellence in the field of mental health.

Specializing in body-oriented (somatic) psychotherapy, trauma, mind-body medicine, leadership, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, Dr. Meletta's approach is grounded in humanism, psychodynamics, depth psychology, and transpersonal studies. Her extensive training includes over 500+ hours of yoga training since 2001, EMDR trauma treatment, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Core Energetics Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Hakomi, NeuroLeadership Brain Based Coaching, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry, and profound engagement with Internal Family Systems, among other modalities.

Beyond her clinical and academic roles, Dr. Meletta is passionate about imparting her knowledge on mind-body leadership to executives and organizational teams. She has facilitated, spoken, and coached in corporate settings, working with top companies like Nissan, LabCorp, Hyundai, and senior leaders from various Fortune 500 companies through Linkage Inc. Whether in therapy sessions, supervisory roles, classrooms, or boardrooms, Dr. Meletta is unwavering in her commitment to guiding individuals towards authentic, intentional living and deeper self-understanding.

She lives in Los Angeles with her adorable 11 year old therapy dog, Luna, who Dr. Courtnay jokes is the "real doctor" thanks to the love and cuddles she gives to all patients who walk through the door.


California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (Lic #7778)

Rhode Island Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Lic #MHC00665)



Ph.D. Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Mental Health

MA Holistic Counseling

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, Mental Health

Certified Core Energetics Practitioner

NeuroLeadership Brain Based Results Certified Coach

Polaris Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

MAPS MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 500-hour


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

EMDR Level 2

Clinical Supervisory Training

Core Energetics Embodied Relationships


Reiki Level 2, Holy Fire and Usui

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