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Top 3 Books I Recommend to Clients During Hard Times

Updated: May 13, 2020

Have you heard of bibliotherapy?

Yes, it's a thing!

In essence, it is the therapy of reading to help improve our emotional or psychological states. And NO, not just reading anything (like the news).

I've used bibliotherapy

at SO many different points in my life. Sometimes, I read something new, and often, I pick up a book that helped me in the past.

Because it was there to help once before, why not again?!

Often, when recommending books to my clients, I say, "So, this is a bedside table book."

What do I mean by that?

These are books that you read and then keep close by AT ALL TIMES. Ever lie in bed - morning, night, (afternoon?) - and need a pick me up? Need some words of inspiration to clear your mind and get yourself moving again.

That's a bedside table book.

It's there when you need it. Close enough to reach with ease. Ready to provide you comfort, inspiration, solace, warmth, or whatever nourishment your soul is craving.

So here are the top 3 bedside table books

I recommend to clients going through challenging times:

  1. When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. This beautiful book, full of pure Buddhist teachings, will provide you a greater understanding of the journey of life's ebbs and flows. My Biggest takeaway: Life is not meant to be static. Everything is impermanent like the seasons. I am meant to shift up and down like all of nature, but HOW (with resistance or grace) is up to me!

2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Are you curious about the idea of

"self"? Like who are you? What is your spiritual self? What is energy?

If yes, you must read this book. Singer provides easily digestible chapters to

kick-start or reinforce your spiritual life. My Biggest Takeaway: Your

spiritual self is no different than your Self. Since we are connected beings,

your self simply IS spiritual.

3. Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. Another Buddhist-based book from

another brilliant woman. Tara's writing is approachable and comforting. She

uses her own experiences as a human to speak provide solace to the

"unworthy" feeling humans too often experience. My Biggest Takeaway:

Tara's book helped me feel like I was not alone in a time when I needed to

hear that the most.

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you enjoy this handpicked selection of books that I love and my clients have begun to love. Please share in the comments any bedside table books that you love that have helped you live with more ease and grace. For more resources, check on back to my site.

Much love, always,


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