Coaching & Consulting


Leadership Consulting

Succeeding as a leader in current times is no easy feat. To keep up with the demands of the job, to have work-life balance, and to remain passionate and innovative at the same time can be taxing. Courtnay has worked with Fortune 500 C-level executives and senior leaders, implementing strategic practices that create sustainability from the inside out. Utilizing cutting-edge Neuroscience on health and leadership, Courtnay works with executives to mitigate burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, release impostor syndrome, and learn how to cope in the high-stakes world of leadership, whether existing or in transition. Courtnay is considered a thought leader in corporate mind-body programming and brings this unique expertise to all her clients.





Next Level Living for Women

Welcome to my group coaching program, Next Level Living (NLL)! NLL was thoughtfully created to serve women seeking greater fulfillment in their lives - at home and professionally. This 12-week program runs on a rolling entrance, includes 12-weeks of exclusive content, full access to Courtnay, a community of like-minded women across the globe, and an opportunity to develop your Passion and Purpose into your life's highest calling. To learn more about NLL email Courtnay today at for information on how to apply for this program. NLL was designed for a very specific type of woman, one who is committed to her growth, ready to make changes, and willing to step in to the fire to have the life she deserves. NLL will only accept those that qualify via screening.



Mind-Body Coaching

Mind-Body Coaching is based on the humanistic belief that each and every one of us has the capacity to become all we can be.  Wherever you are starting a new business venture, questioning your life's purpose, or in the middle of major life transition Mind-Body Coaching will help you tap into the deepest awareness within, teach you the significance of self-reflection, reveal how to generate earth-shattering insights about your life, and initiate strategic action from start to finish. Integrative therapeutic techniques are used along with the most cutting edge Neuroscience, social psychology, and mind-body research to cultivate monumental shifts where you need it most. Most coaching programs are a minimum of 6 months, all are customizable.