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You deserve to life the life you have always imagined. In actuality, there is nothing stopping you.

As an energy and body-based licensed psychotherapist, I work with those who are tired of feeling stuck, inadequate, or small. Those tired of running into the same undesirable outcomes over and over.

Those tired of wishing things were different.

The reality is that in order for things to be different, things have to change. And that change can only happen when we are willing to take an honest look at how we are choosing to live.

If you find the idea of change overwhelming, you are not alone. My intent is to co-create a healing relationship with you where doing the deep, inner-work feels liberating and freeing.

Again, you deserve it. You deserve this. What are you waiting for?

Working with Courtnay opens up whatever is inside of you that needs attention, and with dynamic methods unearths clarity and wisdom from within. Her workshops and groups are transformative!
— Group Member, Rhode Island
Courtnay inspired me to want to be more accountable for my own self-development and with her guidance I gained a new perspective on how to achieve new goals and milestones in my life. Her energy and light is infectious and working with her was absolutely invaluable.
— Former Client, London
Courtnay has a unique, razor-sharp gift that allows her to narrow in on the very thing that is blocking you from having the life that you want. She follows that by being the most encouraging and compassionate person in your life. You will never regret the day you started working with her!
— Former Client, Los Angeles


What’s holistic psychotherapy?

What can I expect during a session?

What can I expect for an outcome?

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