Courtnay is a powerhouse. Full of so much encouraging energy. ”

— T.W., Providence, RI


Courtnay inspired me to want to be more accountable for my own self-development and with her guidance I gained a new perspective on how to achieve new goals and milestones in my life. Her energy and light is infectious and working with her was absolutely invaluable.”

— I.D., London, UK


"Courtnay helped me stay on track through huge life transitions. She offered just the right amount of gentleness and support balanced with focused, grounded, no BS coaching. I feel really lucky to have taken the plunge with this commitment."

R.S., Providence, Rhode Island


"Courtnay is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. She is loving, caring, well educated in her many fields of study, and she perfectly balances honesty with loving kindness to help her clients face what they need to face. I feel truly honored to have met and worked with her. I'm infinitely grateful for all she has done with and for me."

A.H., Connecticut


"Courtnay has been a beacon guiding me on this journey to my best self, my highest self."

— E.M., Jamestown, RI


"Courtnay is honest. She digs in deep, asks thought provoking questions, and listens to what I'm saying."

— H.T., Boston, MA


"She is so real, so genuine. She’s such a loving soothing, truth-slinger, it made the necessary facilitating, coaxing, forcing, pulling, exposing, validating and loving part of this “messy” process conceivable."

— S.L., Newport, RI


"Courtnay is an expert facilitator. Confident, knowledgeable, and present."

— M.B., Los Angeles, CA


"Courtnay’s work opens up whatever is inside of you that needs attention, and with dynamic methods unearths clarity and wisdom from within. I never thought there could be a workshop like this!"

— L.P.R., Jamestown, RI


"What I loved about Courtnay was her communication with the team.  The way she engaged us and answered, I saw all the communication theory put in practice."

— Participant, Women In Leadership Institute, 2017


"With Courtnay, I was in very capable hands."

— K.R., Brooklyn, NY


"Courtnay was excellent - fantastic style and approach."

— Participant, Women In Leadership Institute, 2017


"Courtnay was very was noticeable and appreciated."

— Participant, Women In Leadership Institute, 2017

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