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Updated: Apr 24

After a long break in using this platform, I have decided to come back and share my voice on all things mind-body healing and conscious living.

Over the past year, I have been working ferociously to progress my career and complete my Ph.D. (hence the silence.) And, NOW, with a new website launch, and a newly obtained license to practice in California, I am pumped to be connecting with you again! So let's break down what this blog is about.

Here are 3 things you can expect from this blog:

1) The most current research on all things healing, ranging from mental health to ancient wisdom traditions, from brain science to spirituality. PLUS a vast array of resources, references, and inspiration from yours truly. (If you are interested in the latter, check out the next blog on the top 3 books I refer to clients when they are going through rough times.)

2) Content that is relevant and practical. You will learn how to put this knowledge to use ASAP! As a body-oriented therapist, I teach how to be in our bodies through practices of energy and movement. Want more now? Sign up for my newsletter to get first access to this blog.

3) Compassion and support. Our healing doesn't take place in a vacuum. In other words, we heal through healthy relationships with others. And me and my blog are here for YOU!

Now, are you ready to do this thing?

Before I go, I have one ask. If you would...please...write in the comments OR send me a message on my contact page with...


(For example, speaking your truth, loving yourself, saying NO, forgiving yourself....I could go on and on, but, enough from me, I cannot wait to hear from YOU.)

With love, always,


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