For the past 15 years, Courtnay has been an avid student and teacher of the healing and transformational arts.

She trained clinically through her Masters Degree in Holistic Psychotherapy, she holds certifications as a Core Energetics Body-Centered Practitioner, Yoga Teacher (500-ERYT), NeuroLeadership Coach, and in 2019 will complete her Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Mental Health. She is a Teaching Fellow at Saybrook University, co-creator of Ph.D. level course curriculum in Body-Oriented Psychotherapies, and leads groups of graduate students through an experiential Mind-Body-Spirit Seminar twice annually as a part of their core graduate curriculum.

After working in private practice in the Northeast for many years, Courtnay realized she had a different calling in the world of healing and transformation. She transformed her own work into a coaching practice where she focuses her clients on the journey towards embodied action and leadership.

Her work is deeply therapeutic while simultaneously encouraging radical action, risk-taking, and a rich spiritual component that illuminates the sacred and unique path each client is designed to walk. Informed by her own deeply intuitive gifts, Courtnay offers a different experience than that of traditional psychotherapy, yet one that cultivates a deeply, sustainable internal shift in her clients.

Courtnay offers individual and group coaching as the founder of SpiritWell, a company she founded offer spiritual health and wellness inspiration, resources, and coaching. She also works as an executive leadership coach and has experience developing and facilitating mind-body based seminars to enhance organizational consciousness, informed by her doctoral research on contemplative practice as a technology for developing conscious leaders.

Her intention is to make a difference in the lives of her clients by sharing her clinical skills and intuitive gifts, by offering her most authentic self in every interaction, and by fiercely believing that we all deserve to live our heart’s true desire.